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A worship Experience that speaks to the mandate every believer has, of being separated unto God. Relying on Him daily, walking with Him, learning from Him, making time for Him. It is by being separated that we can fully walk in our identities and be of benefit to the Kingdom of God. We have curated these songs and videos in the hope that you will be blessed and will draw closer to God in a posture of separation.

God Bless you. 


Holy Worship Medley

The wholeness of God; one can never fully understand it. It is on this premise, and in meditation on God's holiness that this worship medley was ministered. 

As you listen to it, we hope you encounter the grace to tarry in God's presence. To sit and gaze upon His holiness and learn more about Him intimately. 


"My Father, you are so faithful; constant friend, You're the lover of my soul.... How I long to dwell with you"

In the Kingdom of God, we are first Children of the King. Then, we are priests and kings unto our God, our Father. With the childlike and humble posture, we hope that this song ignites the need to dwell, walk with, learn from God. 



A prayer of surrender and reliance on God. We need Him daily. We need Him in our churches, in our businesses, in our families, in our ministries... We need Him completely. 

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